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Ka-Praw Chicken, Pork, Tofu, Shrimp or Beef

 Sautéed garlic, chili, and sweet basil.(GF) (S)


Thai Omelet- Ground Chicken, Pork or Crab Meat

A fried until crispy omelet served with sweet chili sauce. (GF)

Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables Chicken, Pork, Tofu, Shrimp or Beef

Broccoli, baby corn, bamboo shoots, beansprouts, napa & green cabbage, seasonal vegetables. (GF)

Barbecue Chicken  

Marinated chicken in a blend of Thai spices, barbecued to perfection served with plum and roasted rice-chili sauce. (GF) (S)


Stir-fried crispy pork with Chinese broccoli. (GF) 

Pla Rad with Thai Herbs  

Deep-fried whole Fish(Ask for catch of the day). Dressed with fresh blend of lemongrass, garlic, cashew nuts and herbs(GF) (S)

Pla Duk Pad Ped  

Stir-fried crispy cat fish in a blend of chilies and kaffir lime leaves. (S)

Tamarind Prawns -

Prawns head on, stir fried with a mix of peppers and onion in a sweet-tangy tamarind sauce. Topped with cashew nuts and crispy shallots.


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