Lunch Specials

No substitutions accepted. 

Lunch Specials occur from 11:00AM to 3:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

All dishes are served with jasmine rice, soup of the day(Dine in only), & egg roll.

Chicken or Pork
Vegetables or Tofu
Shrimp or Beef

1. Sweet Basil

   Sweet basil, chili, garlic, and bell pepper. (GF) (S)

2. Yellow Curry

   Yellow Curry in a coconut milk base with carrots, potatoes. (GF) 

​3. Red Curry

    Spicy Red curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and kaffir lime          leaves. (GF) (S)

4. Pumpkin Curry

    Kabocha pumpkin in creamy curry with chili paste, kaffir lime leaves, and basil. (GF)

5. Green Curry

   Green curry in a coconut milk base, with Thai eggplant, bamboo shoots, bell pepper     kaffir lime leaves, and basil. (GF) (S)

6. Pad-See-Ew

    Pan fried flat Noodles with Chinese broccoli and egg, seasoned with dark soy sauce(GF)

7. Pad Kee-Mao

   Stir-fried flat noodle, chili, basil, bell pepper, and tomatoes. (GF) (S)

8. Pad Thai

    Pan fried thin noodle, egg, bean sprouts, and green onion served with crushed            peanuts and lime(GF)

9. Crispy Pork Stir Fry 

    Stir fried crispy pork belly with Chinese broccoli and chiles. (GF)

10. Thai Omelet

     Fried until crispy omelet served with sweet chili sauce. (GF)

11. Barbecue Chicken

     Marinated chicken in a blend of Thai spices, barbecued to perfection, served with         plum and roasted rice-chili sauce.(GF)

12. Pla Duk Pad Ped

     Stir fried crispy cat fish in a blend of chilies and kaffir lime leaves, eggplant,                 peppers, basil, and ginger. (S)